Solar Alegria is a captivating blend of two historic houses, dating back to 1856 and 1843 respectively, known as Casa do Amor. Over the years, these remarkable structures have undergone several renovations, culminating in their present-day splendor. Secluded at the end of a road, this enchanting retreat ensures a remarkable degree of privacy, boasting abundant greenery and awe-inspiring vistas of the valley and the river. Encircled by sprawling fields, the landscape delights visitors with its ever-changing hues and captivating atmosphere.

Conveniently located just 25 minutes away from the pristine beaches of Aveiro. There, you can indulge in the pleasures of a vast sandy beach, accompanied by a charming fisherman’s village and a delectable array of freshly caught seafood. For those who love surfing, you’ll be pleased to know that fantastic surf spots are also within easy reach, ensuring an exciting aquatic adventure awaits you.


Solar Alegria was acquired by Jenny and Hugo, a French and Portuguese couple, a few years ago, driven by an irresistible “Coup de coeur” or love at first sight. They recognised it as a small paradise conveniently located near cities like Porto (1h), Aveiro (25mn), and Viseu (40mn), striking a perfect balance between relaxation and connection with nature.

At Solar Alegria, the fundamental belief is that every individual deserves peace and happiness. The location itself is a little piece of heaven, offering ample space and privacy, allowing guests to find their own unique way to enjoy their stay.

As passionate food enthusiasts, the hosts take pride in growing their own vegetables and sourcing most of the necessary ingredients from local providers. When you visit, they are more than happy to customise your experience, whether it’s creating the ultimate romantic moment or organising a thrilling adventure-filled day.

At Solar Alegria… Everything is possible!